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Privacy Policy


As a registered investment adviser, Aldebaran Financial, Inc. must comply with SEC Regulation S-P, which requires registered advisers to adopt policies and procedures to protect the "non-public personal information" of natural person consumers and customers and to disclose to such persons policies and procedures for protecting that information.

Further, and as a SEC registered advisory firm, our firm must comply with new SEC Regulation S-AM, to the extent that the firm has affiliated entities with which it may share and use consumer information received from affiliates.

Aldebaran Financial, Inc. must also comply with the California Financial Information Privacy Act (SB1) if the firm does business with California consumers.

Aldebaran Financial, Inc. shall protect our Client’s nonpublic personal information. Unless required by law or Client authorizes a disclosure in writing, Aldebaran shall not disclose Client’s identity, financial affairs, and investments to any other third-party with the exception of those third-parties whose software / services are used in the management of and reporting of Client’s Accounts. Aldebaran will protect Client’s nonpublic personal information under Aldebaran's full privacy policy incorporated here by reference. 

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